Inactive Time – March 12

In recipes, the total recipe time is usually divided into active and inactive time. The time spent doing and the time spent waiting. Here are some things to peruse during the waiting time.

Right now, I have no time to make something complicated, which is exactly when my palate is hungering for something complicated exactly like this. Must make soon.

I am making a coffeecake this weekend which means I will have buttermilk on hand which means I am definitely making these Buttermilk Fried Endives and the gremolata to go with them.

McSweeney’s is publishing a new cookbook devoted to Chinese cuisine and asked for volunteers to test recipes here. I volunteered and am awaiting the recipe. Fingers crossed that I actually have time to make whatever they send me.

Serious Eats published this awesome guide to food photography. I am earnestly endeavoring to add photos to this blog. Soon, as soon as I get a better camera and/or cook something in the presence of daylight, it is on.


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