Inactive Time – May 6

In recipes, the total recipe time is usually divided into active and inactive time. The time spent doing and the time spent waiting. Here are some things to peruse during the waiting time.

The Morning News is not a food website, but they are doing the coolest food series right now. They are sending novelists to dine out and then write something that both is and is not a restaurant review. And this particular review of a noodle shop in L.A. is so incredible. “Dining alone, like dying alone, is totally underrated.” Not alone did I never imagine reading that sentence in a restaurant review, I never imagined reading that sentence anywhere.

Lucky Peach has this ongoing series about how food magazines can get you to overspend on food by showing you a $10 version of a dish and then a $100 version of the same basic dish. An important commentary that is, it seems, completely lost on me because all I want is to eat that $100 cheesesteak.

There is a lot of talk about food waste right now. This is a good thing to talk about. I am so guilty of wasting food. I am often experimenting with things I have never cooked before and so often buy ingredients that get used once and then sit on a shelf until they expire or produce that I use half of and then forget about. Some of the tips here about ways to use normally wasted food products are amazing. (A use for onion skins? Holy smoke, the number I have wasted.)


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